Quality Assurance:

Dalpat Forge(India)
is one of the first and remains one of the few companies to design and implement a comprehensive Total Quality Management Program. We believe that quality is achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence. This quality control program enables us to offer higher standards of products, services, processes and technology.

Quality being the core objective of our business philosophy, we have designed a quality assurance system that facilitates our business processes in stimulating their overall efficiency in order to increase competitive

advantage and to respond better to customer needs and expectations. We will continue to monitor feedback from our customers and the internal mechanisms for measuring the effectiveness of our processes to continually improve the products and services provided.


We owe our success to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities right from processing of raw materials to packaging of finished goods. We have fully equipped R&D Department.Our forge shop is equipped with sophisticated machinery and equipment to facilitate production. We possess suitable heat treatment furnaces to ensure proper heat treatment and uniform mechanical properties of our forgings.

We are also dependent on our team of engineers and qualified professionals for performing proof machining as well as final machining of all our products. We have in-house testing facility manned by trained personnel to carry out a comprehensive range of chemical and physical tests to ensure that all our products conform to global standards.

Production is performed with the latest manufacturing techniques and processes. Only materials based on specific characteristics and performance criteria are selected. We have committed the necessary resources to consistently produce products that exceed our accepted standards. For this reason, product inspections are executed throughout each interval of the manufacturing and processing operations. Following are the steps that would provide a comprehensive insight in to the steps involved in our production processes.